No mountains

So I’m really bummed. All of our plans for the weekend have fallen through. There was so much fun to be had and we missed out. I couldn’t get into touch with the girl who was supposed to go to the mountains with us today. And I couldn’t find anyone last minute to go. Any takers???? The leaves are at their peak for this week.

Ella woke up pretty grumpy. She had several melt downs and after the last one I took her to bed. She cried for 2 hours and finally fell asleep only to wake up again 20 minutes later. But, I was able to do my calendar work and lounge around. After she woke up we had lunch and watched the Panthers kick butt. She was excited about all of the touch downs and had to call Rachael to tell her about one. I think that was the longest phone conversation she’s ever had. Mom painted her bathroom and Ella tried to help her. After they were done we decided to go to the pumpkin patch to get out of the house. It was E’s 21 mo. b-day, so I wanted to at least do something since we didn’t go to the mountains. We had a blast! They had farm animals and a baby goat was running around. They also had wagons you could use to put your pumpkin in. There was a sunflower maze, which we didn’t go through, but enjoyed the sunflowers. We found baby pumpkins, so Ella got to pick one off of the vine. Then there was a place for pictures, but E was too busy trying to pick them up and roll them over for me to get a good posed picture. You got to pick the price for your pumpkins which I thought was neat. I think we’ll go back to this place next year. They also had a hay ride, but we skipped it since we’ve already been on one this season.
Well, I’m going to finish watching my shows. I love Sunday nights! 🙂

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