I can’t believe it’s Friday. This week has flown by and I’m beyond exhausted. Ben came to town Monday and stayed until Thursday. Ella was so in love with him. Since I’ve been a bad blogger, here is our week at a glance:

Monday we went to Rachael’s so she could see Ben. She can’t leave Roxy yet during the day. We hung out there for about an hour then Rachael had to take Roxy back to the vet. It’s been one complication after another. We stopped by Chick Fil A on the way home, and Ella choose for Ben to hold her instead of me. Ben had several people come up to him telling him how cute she was. He thought it was funny that everyone assumed he was dad. After we got home, Ella played outside with Elija for a little while before bed time. Mom babysat while Ben and I went to his mom’s house then to several bars with his brother, Brandon. Then we all came back here and stayed up until 3:30! But it was well worth it.

Tuesday we went to 5 Guys for lunch and walked around the shopping center. We then headed to the mall to search for shoes for Ben. He pushed Ella around the mall and it was really cute. He did fun stuff that I really don’t do that often. It was kind of a taste of what life could be like… After the mall we came home, ate dinner and mom babysat again as we went out. We went back to his mom’s house and our friend Dave came over as well as Rachael. Dave just found out his son is autistic, so we had a long talk about that. Oh- and politics. I’m so over it already!! But anywho, I can’t believe Dave’s going through that. It’s hard enough to take care of a healthy kid, I couldn’t imagine if something was wrong and they couldn’t communicate. After Ben’s mom went to bed, we took the party to my house. I think Rachael and Dave left around 2:30.

Wed. we went to Eddie’s Place for brunch. Ella drew her first circle!! She drew it, then said, “round and round, circle!” I of course kept it, so I’m sure you’ll see it in a layout some time soon. After brunch, we went back out for the shoe hunt to another mall, and still no luck. Yes, he’s as picky as me. We then went to our friend Matt K’s house. He had a son who was 3 months younger than Ella, but found out it wasn’t his biological child and the mom lost custody through DSS. Long story and I’m not sure of all the details, but I had no clue that was going on either. I feel like a crappy friend for not knowing what the people I love are going through. Matt still had lots of kid stuff at his house, so Ella was able to play and eat dinner over there. Our other friend Matt came over as well as Mark and Brandon. Ella was surrounded by guys and loved being the center of attention. They took her outside and played ball with her and ran around the yard. As I watched, I realized how important it is to have more guys in her life. She was such a happy baby being around them. So, things are going to have to change. We left Matt’s and I took her home for bedtime. Rachael was going to go out with us, but she had to take Roxy BACK to the vet because her stitches came open where her wound is draining and you could see her muscles. Poor Rachael! I went back out to meet the guys at the bar. We then went to Matt K’s and then back to my house. Another long night. I think we went to bed again at 3:30. The other Matt stayed the night since he didn’t need to drive. It was a wonderful getting back in touch with everyone. I don’t get why we don’t all get together when Ben isn’t in town. We all grew up together, and it’s not like he’s our ring leader!
Thursday we went to Chick Fil A for lunch then met Ben’s friend to pick him up. This is them waiting:Cute, huh? When Ella saw him leaving she freaked out. She screamed, “Stay! Stay! Bennnnnn.” She cried for about 30 minutes. I was sad as well. I think we both needed him here this week. But, I was kind of glad so I could sleep again! I was looking forward to going to bed at 10 last night, but my boss asked me to write a thing about all the Halloween events going on, so I was up until 12:45. Such is life…

I went to the neurologist today and have a MRI scheduled for Thursday. Ella has been in a funk all morning. I put her down for her nap early because I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know if she’s not feeling well or missing Ben. He just needs to move back home. But he’s stubborn. Well, she just woke up. Hope everyone has had a great week!

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