So Monday I will be going to seriously look into a mother’s morning out or preschool. If I don’t get some time away from Ella I’m going to snap. Today was the worst yet. The mother of all tantrums. She woke up at 6 this morning screaming. I got into her crib with her in hopes I could fall back asleep as I was comforting her and it didn’t work. She did manage to stop screaming for long enough to hear my mom cough and she whispered, “bless you Nani,” in the sweetest voice. But that was the high point of the day. She continued to scream and I went back to my room. 9 hours is not enough sleep for her and I didn’t want the day we ended up having. We got out of bed at 8:30 and she was somewhat moody but tolerable. I let her become Ella-zilla on the train table and watched her destroy what I just rebuilt. Oh well. Nap time came and she threw a fit. But slept for almost 2 hours. I went up to get her and as I was picking her up I noticed she didn’t feel as heavy as she normally did. I also noticed she looked taller, so I pulled out the measuring tape and measured her. (now 35 inches) I guess she didn’t like that I did that and she fell to the floor screaming bloody murder. I thought something was wrong, so I talked to her and she rolled around, screaming and throwing things. I tried my best to get her to calm down, sang songs, tickled her- everything made her scream louder. I gave her Tylenol thinking she was in pain since this had been going on for about 15 minutes. She spit it back out, still screaming. I just sat there helpless watching her roll around her room to grab stuff and throw them. After 30 minutes, I called mom asking what do I do. She said leave the room and start cleaning or doing something. So I did and she stopped screaming, but still was throwing stuff and rolling around. I decided to try and pick her up to take her downstairs for lunch. She arched her back and started hitting me. So I put her down and went to make her lunch. I brought it to her room and sat it down then walked out to my bathroom. She ate her lunch then went back to the floor screaming. I read her a book and she threw it. I refused to take her downstairs until she was calm. So we were upstairs for a total of 2 hours. Downstairs didn’t work out so well either. Mom came home early and Ella then perked up. Mom had some work to do, so I decided to ignore Ella and start working on my calendar. Mom finished working and then took over. Ella was still a brat and after dinner, I took off to Rachael’s. Mom said Ella screamed for an hour before she finally passed out. OMG! It was insane. Rachael’s wasn’t much of a pick me up. Poor Roxy looked pitiful. Rachael was worn out from a day of trying to keep her laying down and Roxy farted every 2 minutes. Which was the worst smell I have ever smelled in my whole life. I gagged several times. This has been a day for the books. I’m done.


One thought on “wow

  1. You need to ignore the tantrums. Just leave the room, if she follows you keep walking. She’s doing it to get a reaction or attention, if you take that away she will stop. It took Ari two tantrums before he figured out it wasn’t getting him anywhere. Now if he starts I just get up and he stops immediately! Good luck!


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