Thanks to all that called yesterday about my doc appointment. Still no news. I guess I’ll hear back something on Monday. My ears still hurt from the caloric test. I’m ready for this to be over with! I worked this morning and Rachael and Steve babysat since mom had extended education to do. Rachael found out yesterday that Roxy has cancer. They are going to remove it on Wed. Hopefully it will go well! Keep her in your thoughts. It’s really hard on her because she lost Debo last year to cancer.
After I got home I cleaned the house and we played outside. Ella is really loving playing with her chalk. Then mom got home and we went out to get me some sneakers. My feet got all wet this morning on the field and I hope I didn’t ruin my Birk’s. None of my old shoes fit since I was pregnant with Ella. Some of my heels still fit, but nothing close toed. But I got 2 pairs of awesome Sketchers and Ella got 2 pair of shoes. She got a pair of mock Birk’s that are TOO CUTE! We stopped by the produce stand after that and I got a watermelon. I have always given Ella scoops of melon instead of eating it off of the rind. So, Woody, this is for you:


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