Almost perfect day

I got woken up this morning by Ella sweetly saying mommy. We then went down for breakfast. When I put Ella in her chair we saw 4 deer in our backyard. There were 2 baby deer and I guess the mom and dad. It was cute. After breakfast Ella said she needed to go potty, so I took her and she went right away. Unlike most potty trips which last 10 minutes and lately have ended unsuccessfully. We then went to my dad’s to take the dogs to get groomed. We played with the puppies and Ella freaked out. She was beyond excited about seeing them. They still are smaller than my hand. One of them was barking and growling. I guess I never thought something that small could make that much noise. If they stayed that small I’d keep one. 🙂 On the way to the groomers, dad and Ella were singing songs and laughing. I for once saw him as a grandfather. It was really sweet. I had a vertigo attack on the way home and another one when I got home. My ears started to get stuffy, I can’t think of a better way to describe it.
E took a 2 hour nap and I relaxed. I had to wake her up since the dogs were ready and Bella needed to get back to the puppies. E wasn’t in the greatest moods, but still had fun with Pa on the way there. I let her see the puppies one more time before we left and she threw a huge tantrum not wanting to leave them. We got home and I was still feeling yucky, but we played outside and watched butterflies in our yard. I then had to go to work and E came with me until mom picked her up. So today was a wonderful day, other than my spells. The morning felt like it was almost not real. I hope tomorrow is like that!! Prob. not since I go for my ENG at 10.


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