Night out!!!

So today has been a very busy fun day. Last night Ella got up at 10:30 and didn’t go back to sleep until around 2. She kept talking about how it was dark outside and the windows were dark. So I’m assuming the dark was scaring her, so I let her come to bed with me. She then started yelling for Outie to come to bed with us. This is from her- “Outie, come on. Right now. Come on. Outie, now. 1-2-3 no no! Right now!” I about lost it. I put her back in her bed after she wrestled around for an hour and she screamed some more and it was endless. At 7:15 she was up again and I wasn’t happy a bit. I brought her to bed with me and finally got up at 8:30.
We got ready and met our Momscharlotte friends for coffee across the street from Gymboree. So we stayed for 2 hours then went to play at gym. I was surprised she didn’t melt down and had a lot of fun. So I’m glad we are back. After gym we came home and she took a nap. Then we went to 5 Guys for lunch. Brian called and said he was working and he’d give us free lunch. How could I say no 🙂 After lunch we sat outside and watched the trucks pass since they are building a Best Buy and Petsmart across the street. It was fun to hang out with Brian and it was slow enough for him to slack off. Then we came home and played outside with our chalk.
I won tickets to a play called Mother Load, so Morgan met me downtown to see the show. It was AWESOME!!! I was thinking it was strange to be going out and getting away from Ella to listen to a play about being a mom, but it was hilarious! I could relate to most of what she talked about and it truly put things into perspective. I loved it and really enjoyed being dressed up like the old me. After the show we went to the Cheesecake Factory for cheesecake and coffee. We had a nice time chatting without the babies distracting us. So, it’s been a great day despite the lack of sleep. I want to do it again!!!


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