No nap

We had a wonderful morning. Ella brought me one of her rain boots and asked, “shoe on please,” so I put it on her. She then went to find the other one and asked for me to put that one on her. Then she found her cowgirl hat and started jumping around the living room. She then grabbed baby and her dinosaur and I figured it was the perfect photo op. How come when I have her dressed up she won’t do pictures, but in her pj’s she’s always hamming it up?? After our “fashion” shoot it was nap time, so I put her down. She screamed for an hour and a half, so I gave up and got her dressed and we headed out for a gas hunt. Which wasn’t hard to find! My dad needed a ride last night to find his car, long story, but gave me gas money, so I wanted to gas up while I could. I only had to wait 20 minutes but it was orderly and not so bad. We then had lunch and came home and played outside. Amy and her son Elijah, our next door neighbors, came over and we had a great time. Elijah is 9 months older than E. They did chalk art, blew bubbles and played in their cars. I don’t know why we don’t do that more often. Now that the weather is nice I need to make more of an effort to play outside in our yard. Ella started to melt down at 5. So we came inside for a shower and dinner and she went to bed. Which she cried for an hour and finally passed out. I don’t get why she’s not sleeping. I think she’s seeing a ghost and he might be scaring her. She talks about Bobby all the time and we don’t know a Bobby. She’ll say, “bye bye Bobby,” or “no no Bobby.” I’m going to look into previous owners and see if there was a Bobby. She’s talking about him more than before, so he’s either an imaginary friend, a ghost or someone is living in our house that we don’t know about. Weird huh? Well, I’m going to watch some tv and head to bed.


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