Nothing new

It’s been a pretty boring couple of days. I feel very tired and have been still fighting the headaches and spins. I catch myself taking cat naps in the morning while E watches her morning movie. I open my eyes every 5 min. to see what she’s doing and she’s usually in the same place on the floor. I’m ready to be back to normal. This just isn’t any fun. Work got canceled for Sat. and rescheduled for this weekend. I’m really bummed about having to work since Woody’s annual concert is going on and there was no way I could get out of work. Last year was so much fun!!!!
Yesterday I worked in Sanford and read 1-2-3 Magic again on the way. I don’t like popping Ella’s hand when she’s bad, especially since she is now popping her own hand when I tell her no. Don’t think she gets popped daily, but I guess it’s enough for her to imitate. It’s something I never wanted to do and I want to try to omit it now rather than later.
Today we laid around and I baked an apple pie for the first time. It was yummy! I took out the video camera to tape Ella’s routine during Sound of Music and of course she didn’t perform. I tried to get her to do other stuff, but running in circles was more fun. Not for me. That was our highlight of the day.
Everyone keep Judi in your prayers or thoughts for the next week. She had a biopsy done today and won’t get the results back until Monday. So lets all hope for the best!


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