3 months until Christmas

This is from last night:
Well, the power is out AGAIN! So I’m writing on word waiting for it to come back on. I guess a day can’t be all good? We got up this morning and got ready for apple picking. Since Charlotte has been under a huge gas shortage, Morgan wasn’t able to make it. We had plans with Sarah and MaryJane already, so we thought we’d go ahead and go. Glad we did because it was a perfect day to be outside. It was cloudy, cool and breezy. Have I said how much I love the fall??? We went to Windy Hill orchard in York, SC. We took a “tour” of the orchard when we arrived. This crazy guy told us how cider is made and the story of Johnny Appleseed. But, I didn’t understand half of what he said since it was all in rhyme/hick and Ella was busy doing other things. Like picking rotten apples! After the “speech” we took a hay ride and saw the pigs. Then after that we built our own scarecrow. Ella helped put it together, but after he was all done she FREAKED out. I was trying to get a picture because how cute would a layout be of scared of the scarecrow, but I saw real tears and decided not to torture her. We then “picked” apples from a bucket and decided we wanted to do the real thing, so we went off into the orchard and picked some gala apples. It was lots of fun. I think Ella just enjoyed being able to run. We then ate lunch and headed back. It was only 45 minutes from us, so not too bad. And we were able to find a gas station with cheap gas and no line. I couldn’t have done that if I had been in Charlotte! Ella took a nap when we got home and then we played around. I ended up making homemade applesauce which I have to say is the best I’ve ever had. If I would have known how great and easy it was to make I’d have been doing this a long time ago. I also made my beer cheese soup and yummy… I like to dip apples in the soup so it was extra good tonight. Then I took E upstairs for bed and read 4 books then the power went out. I called and they said it’d be until 10:30. Well, it’s not 12:30 and still no power. I let E stay up until 8 and then decided to try to get her to sleep with a flashlight in her room. It worked, so I headed to Rachael’s to catch Grey’s Anatomy and mom babysat. There was no way I could miss the season premier! Well, I’m going to try and fall asleep. I’m sure the power coming back on will wake everyone up soon enough.


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