Wonderful day

I’m so glad we had a good day to make me forget the bad one. Let me start with last night…
When I went upstairs little miss woke up and started jumping in the crib. Which mom can hear from her room and I’m always scared it’s going to wake her up. I took her out and tried to console her, but notta. So I then got into her crib with her and laid there until she fell asleep. I’m so tired of bringing her into my room to have her climb all over me and keep me up for an hour. It only took 15 minutes to get her back to sleep, but climbing out of a crib was kind of… words can’t explain it.
We woke up and got ready to meet our MC friends for coffee. We hung out there for almost 2 hours then headed to Gymboree to try it out again. I found out they won’t refund my money that I pre-paid until December. Fortunately Ella had fun, so we’ll try again next week. We then ran by the mall to grab a pair of apple shoes to go apple picking tomorrow. They went on sale and she needed a pair of sneakers anyways. After that we ran by Michelle’s and dropped off her pictures, the first 8×10’s were sent bent. Then we got home for Ella’s nap and played around till dinner time. I also found out some AMAZING news today… I’m going to be an auntie!!!!! I’m not going to say who just yet, but if you want to know just ask. Well, I’m going to go and work on my blogger application. MC is looking for bloggers for the site and I’ve got to come up with 3 blogs by this weekend.


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