I’m tired

Getting up at 6:30 doesn’t suit me well. I need my sleep! I had to grab a Starbucks before work to get me through the morning. Ella slept through my departure, which was nice to not have to deal with. Work was total chaos. There were 4 teams scheduled at once countless times and only 2 photographers. NOT FUN! I got out at 12 and headed home. Ella was taking her nap, so it was sad not to hug her yet. My aunt Lynette came over and was supposed to hang out the whole day, but only spent a couple of hours with us. Ella woke up as mom was showing her upstairs. So we headed to 5 Guys for lunch. We walked around the shopping center and there were several girls (ages 6 or 7)on the sidewalk who had just gotten makeovers at Sweet and Sassy. Ella ran up to them and tried to hug one of them, but fell. Then she started dancing and screaming (joyfully) at them. It was too cute. We then came home and Ella played in the living room. She had a blast showing Lynette all her toys. She left shortly after that and we ran to the grocery store. We were there forever! The checkout line took at least 20 minutes. The idiot was sooo slow. Ella wasn’t too happy and when we got home I understood why. She has awful diaper rash. She screamed when I wiped her and started crying real tears. I took her to the tub and tried to wash her, but she screamed even louder. So I let her run around naked before dinner and put big girl panties on her after that. It cleared up some, but not all the way. It looked so painful. It really broke my heart. I don’t know what did it. I know mom and I changed her frequently today. I’ll be glad when she’s potty trained. But she’s still not telling us when she needs to go pee pee. Since I’m not working this week other than Tues. I think I’m going to keep her in the house in panties or in the buff and try that method of potty training. I’ve heard several moms say it works. Well, I’m beat and ready to relax.


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