Festival in the Park

Today was a great day! We went to the Festival in the Park, which has been going on for 44 years now. It’s at Freedom park and I’ve been going since I was Ella’s age. We got there around 11 and my Aunt Lynette is in town so she met us there. We walked around the park and saw lots of amazing art. I really wish I had money. There were so many paintings I wanted. And Ella would see something and go, “ooooh.” Rachael and Steve met us there and walked around with us for a while. It was kids day, so there were lots of activities going on. Of course clowns, which scare the crap out of me. I’m waiting for nightmares since I’ve seen so many in the past month. They had a dance area for the kids and Ella had so much fun. They went on a “bear hunt” and I think Lynette had more fun than Ella. It was too cute. After that, we went and played at the park area. Ella loved the swings. Then we went to ride the pony’s. Which didn’t open until 1 and I made the mistake of telling Ella when she woke up she was going to ride a pony. She saw the place where it was going to be and freaked out. They were late opening the ride, so Ella was beyond ready. The pony she rode had a bug land on its butt and shook it off. Well Ella slid off, I caught her before she fell, but it scared her to death. She finally got back on and by the time she was comfortable the ride was over. She threw a massive fit. We decided to go check out the rides and thought the carousel was open, but it wasn’t. So we went to the helicopter. I guess it wasn’t fast enough for her. We would pass the roller coaster and she would point and say “want it.” But the rides were the most expensive out of all the festivals we’ve been to, so the helicopter was the only one she went on. We then had lunch and walked around the park one last time. Ella got to see the ducks, owls, hawks and other birds they had on display. We left the park around 2:30. It was way past Ella’s nap time, but she was in a great mood. As soon as we got into the car, she was out. She got an hour nap, so it wasn’t a big ordeal. We played around the house when we got home and Aunt Charlotte sent her a package from Gap. It’s this adorable dress with hat and tights. Ella saw the dress and said, “oooh, dress.” So I put it on her. I was going to take pictures, but time slipped by. Well, I’m cleaning up my scrap table and heading to bed. I’ve got to work at 7:30 tomorrow. Yuck! Have a great weekend! Oh yeah, can you believe E is 20 months today??? Scary!!!


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