It’s almost over

Man, what a day. Ella woke up in a great mood. She was so sweet and loving. We played around the living room and with her pony’s. I saved some of my My Little Pony’s and gave them to her. And she got some from the toy store not too long ago. They are her favorite toys of the week. She’s been brushing their hair, they go on the train table, she puts them in a row on the coffee table or on the entertainment center or the rocking chair. She brought me 2 this morning to play with and she had her 2. We had so much fun playing, I let her stay up a little longer before her nap. I was scared she’d wake up in a bad mood like she has been. Well, my fears were for the right reason. She was a pill. I wanted to take her to the park because the weather was amazing. I got her dressed and we came downstairs and she ran off. I asked her to come here so I could put her shoes on her and she told me no. I told her we wouldn’t go to the park if she didn’t put her shoes on, she yelled no. So I went to sit on the couch. She then walks up to Priscilla, with her tiger in hand and smacks Priscilla so hard it makes her jump a foot up in the air. I popped Ella’s hand and told her to tell Priscilla she was sorry. She said no. So I put her in time out. Then she screamed, “sorry cilla!” After that, I decided no to the park. I wasn’t going to reward her not nice behavior. As much as I wanted to be outside… We did an art project where I ripped up some orange paper and she glued them to a paper plate to make a pumpkin. When Ella was sleeping I brought out my fall decorations and started putting them up. I’m so happy to be surrounded by orange! Well, I’m done for the night. Hope everyone had a great day!


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