This morning we got up and met some of our momscharlotte friends at Caribou Coffee. We were late since Ella slept in and had to leave early so I could make my doc appointment. I went to my regular doctor on Monday and he didn’t have the equipment to run all the tests he wanted to. He ruled out positional vertigo and allergies. So he sent me to a specialist who I hate. He had no personality and made me feel uncomfortable. They did a hearing test, which came back perfect. So I go back for a ENG in 2 weeks unless someone cancels an appointment. It’s a test that will see if I have inner ear problems. And if that comes back negative I have to have an MRI. I’ve felt like crap all day. I had to work in Greenville, SC and slept the way there. I felt a little better when I woke up, but still fuzzy. Ella was a joy at the coffee shop until we had to leave and she threw a huge tantrum. Of course her doctor just walked in as she was throwing a fit. When we got to my doctor she was in a mood and wanted out of her stroller to play. Not fun at all. We got home and she took a nap and woke up in a great mood. Rachael and Steve babysat while I went to work. We laid around most of yesterday. She painted a “pumpkin.” It’s just a paper plate with a stem on it. She was yelling to paint, so I figured it’d be something to do. She’s such the little artist. Well, I’m going to watch some tv and head to bed. Hope everyone is having a great week.


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