Go Panthers!

Wow, what a game! We got up this morning and then ran to the grocery before the game started. Ella went down for a nap when we got back and slept until half time. I made french toast and bacon, which is a Sunday afternoon game day tradition. I was on the edge of my seat during the first half. It was pretty ugly. Then Ella woke up and somehow the Panthers turned around and played an awesome game. She was cheering and yelling, “Go Panthers! Touch down!” After the game we played around and Ella was in a feisty but funny mood. Mom had her laughing like she used to when she was an infant. It was too sweet. I wish I had my video camera, but I knew if I left the room she’d stop. We made wings and potato skins for dinner. Rachael and Steve joined us. Ella loves them so much. I’m glad they are spending more time with her. She needs a break from me sometimes. Well, I’m off. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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