I love September in Charlotte

There are over 100 festivals and fairs in Charlotte this month and next. So there is always something to do which is a plus! Today we went to the Cabarrus County Fair in Concord. It was a blast, other than me almost having a heart attack on one of the rides. We got there and walked around to see what they had and checked out the live stock. They had a pony ride which Rachael insisted Ella ride. I wasn’t going to pay $10 for it, but Rachael really wanted her to so she paid. She got a hat, picture and ride. I bet that was the thrill of her life. She was so excited and happy to be on that pony. She would pet the pony and get bursts of excitement. It was too cute. Afterwards, Steve played a few games and won Ella a monkey and Rachael a rose. The carnies were pretty nice compared to the ones I’ve come across in the past. We then ate dinner which consisted of hot dogs, corn dogs and bad fries that we took back. After dinner, we rode some rides. Ella really wanted to go on a roller coaster when we past it. She loved that too. We of course went to the carousel. Steve was nice enough to take her on it. I only had 1 vertigo episode, but that wasn’t going to stop my fun. After the carousel we walked to the big rides and she REALLY wanted to go on this ride that went upside down, but I of course wouldn’t let her. She found this Spider ride which looked sort of like the one we rode at the Greek Fest only bigger. I thought it didn’t spin unless you made it spin. I was wrong. In the middle of the ride Ella decided she wanted to get into my lap and started to turn around to her knees. I couldn’t move her since we were going up and down and spinning really fast, so I held on as tight as I could and held my breath. I was about to scream for them to stop but it stopped right afterwards. I felt like she was going to fly out. It was really scary. She didn’t cry but didn’t seem like she was having that much fun either. So we will stick to smaller rides until next year. She was only 4 inches from the height requirement to ride alone, so that wasn’t the issue. She just wanted to be more comfortable? After that, I was done. My nerves were shot and there was no way I could take another ride. I was shaking! I might have been freaking out for no reason, but at the time it seemed dangerous. I’m such a uber paranoid mom. I guess that’s a good thing. But I’m still excited she is a thrill junky and when she’s older we will have TONS of fun going on rides and doing fun things. I’ve had the itch to go sky diving again, and I’m guessing when she’s older she’s going to want to go. The rides she was begging to go on were too much. She didn’t ask for the baby rides other than the roller coaster. We left after the last ride and headed home for bedtime. Which is what I’m about to do. Tomorrow we’re taking it easy. We have to go to the grocery and the Panther’s game starts at 1!!!!!! Ella has been yelling GO Panther’s for the past 2 days. I know she’s ready to watch the game. It’s so funny she’s into sports.


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