I’m brain dead

So I’m losing it. I don’t know if it has to do with the Vertigo or what, but I’m just not in my right mind. I lost my phone at Chick Fil A today. We went for lunch and I took it out to call mom and I guess I dropped it or whatever. While we were there, Ella took a bite of chicken and went, Yummm… touchdown!” And threw her hands up, she is too funny. I had to run by Gap to see if I could find a black dress on sale for a funeral tomorrow. My great uncle died. I didn’t know him, but thought I’d go to support my granddad. After I got back into the car I realized I didn’t have my phone and walked across the street to see if I left it there. They had called my mom and Rachael, and Rachael had already gone to pick it up. She came over and babysat while I went to work in Dallas, NC. It misted the whole shoot. I hate being wet! I had 2 vertigo attacks while I was working and realized I was shooting off center… but I swear I was dead on. So I’m going back to the doctor next week to have them run some more tests. I don’t like feeling this way. I think it’s something else, but don’t know what. Rachael said Ella was hysterical all night… in the funny way- not crying. Well, I’m going to bed. 7 a.m. is going to come too soon!


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