Hot Hot weekend

I worked all weekend and it was HOT! I’m SOOOO ready for fall. I can’t take another weekend like this one. I got off work yesterday at 4. We went with mom to Gap to pick up a few extra fall things for Ella. I can now rest… well my OCD mind can rest that she has some of the outfits from that collection I’ve been raving about. And complete with the butterfly boots. I can’t wait to take pictures. Everyone will understand once you see. LOL We ate dinner at the mall and headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Then came home and E went to bed. A lady from our neighborhood posted an email about selling a train table and set a few weeks ago. I saw it and loved it, so mom got it for her as an early x-mas present. There was no way we could keep it stored in the garage without her seeing it. So mom and I attempted to put it together last night. Mom gave up around 11 and I kept on it until 1. Let me say, not having directions or enough parts to be creative… STINKS! I know Learning Express sells parts really cheap, so I think I might go by tomorrow and check it out.
So today we woke up and Ella had the crustiest nose she’s ever had. I don’t know if she’s got a cold or what. I felt bad for her. It was gross! After we
ate breakfast, I showed Ella her new toy. She LOVED it. It kept her busy all day. She brought her Little People to the table and they had to be in certain places. She even tried to put her bus on the table, but I had to stop her since it’s not too sturdy. I need to find a type of glue that will come undone but still hold. Anyone know of anything? I left for work at 12 and lasted until 2. I was done shooting and Chris still had a few teams and I couldn’t take the heat any longer so I asked if I could leave. Thankfully he said yes. I got home and a few minutes later Woody and Judi showed up. We had a wonderful visit. Ella said Granddaddy for the first time! It was too cute. She played around her train table most of the visit and was in a pretty good mood. Stubborn, but happy. After they left she started looking around asking for granddaddy.
After they left my childhood friend Mindy, her 2 kids and her mom came over for a cookout. It was a blast! Ella loves playing with big kids. Joy is 9 and Michael is 5. They played around the train table for at least an hour. They even played on the piano together. I should have gotten my camera out, but after taking pictures for 8 hours this weekend, it wasn’t on my mind. It was a good time. Joy gave Ella her ring to put on and I thought Ella was going to lose it. She thought it was the coolest thing in the world. But Ella loved Michael equally and had to share everything with him. She couldn’t‘ stop giving him her toys. Joy asked if she could come spend the night one night. She is a great kid, so I told her any time. By 7:20 Ella was moody and not listening. She kept putting stuff in her mouth and I told her if she did it again she had to go to bed. Well, she put a whole block in her mouth and I took her right to bed. She was sooo mad at me. But, it will be a lesson learned. They left shortly after. Hopefully we will do it again soon. Well I’m beat and headed to bed. I’ve got to work a lot this week. Oh- speaking of work, the mom who sold us the train table sent out an email to EVERY parent- all 67 of them- in our neighborhood about my photography and my website! OMG! That would be amazing for the holidays! Ok, goodnight!


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