Moms b-day

So this was the first birthday in years I got to spend with my mom. She worked during the day and I took the dogs to get groomed. Then Ella and came back and she helped me bake a carrot cake for mom. She poured all the ingredients in and helped stir as much as she could. It was thick, so kind of hard for her to do. I was proud she didn’t stick her hands in it. Then she took a nap and when she got up we went and picked the dogs up. We came home and cleaned the house and got ready for mom to get home. We went to Olive Garden for dinner, which is always yummy. Ella ate like she’s been starving for year! She almost finished a whole kids meal! We had to stop her or she would have. We got home and E went to bed and mom made a thousand phone calls. Then we devoured the cake. It was really good! And that has been our day. 🙂


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