Eventful day

So we woke up this morning and headed to the mall. I needed to get mom’s b-day present and grab a shirt I had on hold for Ella. They sold out online and I called the store and they had only 1 left. And it was a have to have. But so is every other outfit in that collection…

After the mall we came home and Ella had a nap. Then we took off to the Greek Festival. It wasn’t as big as I remember it being. There weren’t as many vendors. The food was great! Well, I uh should say pastries. 🙂 They had a kids section with several rides. Ella loved it. I went on the spinning thing with her and Ari. Ari was fine the first couple of minutes but then decided he didn’t like it. We walked around and then let the babies go on the mini farris wheel by themselves. They were too cute. I’m excited to know she likes rides. Even though the spinning thing made me dizzy. I’m hoping that’s just the vertigo and will go away soon. If I get dizzy on all rides I will be a VERY unhappy girl. Well, I’m off to bed. Hope everyone had a great day!

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