Labor Day

So today was much more eventful. We got up and headed to the Labor Day parade. Well, I guess there was a reason why I’ve never been to one before. It sucked. I was expecting balloons, bands, dancers… we got 1 1/2 marching bands, cheerleaders, cars and TONS of politicians. Ella even started yelling Barack Obama it was so bad. But the weather was nice and it was great to be out of the house.
We got home and noticed water leaking from the AC unit again, so mom called the guy back. He troubleshooted from the phone and said he’d be out tomorrow. After Ella’s nap, Morgan and Ari came over and we headed to the festival. It was Morgan’s b-day, so it was nice to be doing something festive. We walked around and had some carnival food. The babies got to ride the carousel. Ella freaked out after it was over and wanted to ride again. 2 teens walked up to us and gave us their tickets since they were leaving. So Ella got to ride again. Then threw another tantrum when we got off. She is such a drama queen. I wish she was a bit taller so she could ride some of the other stuff. I hope she’s a thrill junky like me.
We got home and she had dinner and played around before bed time. Melanie came over after I put her down and kicked my butt in Boggle. This is the first time she has EVER beaten me. I’m out of practice. Well, I’m going to finish watching my movie then head to bed. Hope everyone had a great Labor day!

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