I’m just going to stop making plans. I was so excited that we were going to the Matthew’s festival. I don’t know if it’ll be that much fun, but it’s getting out of the house, walking and being around culture. The Thurman’s sent me an email yesterday saying they might come down today or tomorrow, so we hung around this morning waiting to see if they were coming. I guess I could have called, but I got distracted by downloading a free trial of photoshop and edited the pictures. Yes, I’m OCD and it was bothering me they weren’t uploaded yet. So as I was distracting myself the air guy FINALLY called back and said he’d be here around 2:30-3. So we decided to go after he left and that would give Ella a chance to nap and have lunch. So I worked on my best bets and finished all my work and E woke up. We played waiting for the guy to get here. 4 p.m. he shows up!!!! ARGH! It wasn’t a big deal and he added some freon and did something else. But it was 5 by the time he left and there were storms heading towards Matthews by then. So we ate dinner and that was our uneventful boring day. Melanie was supposed to come over tonight, but cancelled last minute. So all around it was a bust day. I decided to scrap tonight and got 3 layouts done and finished 2 I was working on. I really need to place an order with ACOT, but I need money to do that. I need a few extra things to finish E’s letters for her room and a few papers to finish a few layouts. They have a great sale this weekend too. “Tempt not a desperate man.” Or lady for that matter. And Gap has a sale too, and there are a few more items E needs for the fall. I just need to cancel all of my email updates so I quit knowing what’s on sale. Though, most of what I want to get her isn’t on sale other than buy one pair of jeans get one 50% off. Well, I think I’m going to clean up my mess and go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful!


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