So I should be really excited I got a new computer, but the thought of spending money we didn’t have on it took all the joy out of it. I’m usually like a kid in a candy store with new technology, but somehow this is different. I just spent 4 hours loading programs that I need onto this one. Minus an hour the internet went out and I had to speak to some guy who barely spoke English. ARGH!!!! Hopefully the tech guy can install photoshop this week and I’ll be back in business. I’m still in a super funk. Miss Ella was totally picking up on it today and was just as moody. And it stinks I have no patience to make jokes and be the fun mom. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day and I’ll be semi-back to normal. I just hate going into debt when I’ve been debt free for 2 years. But such is life. Well, I’m going to play for a minute and go to bed.


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