RIP laptop

I’m so drained from this weekend it’s not even funny. Friday’s mess put a toll on my spirit and getting the message today that my laptop’s motherboard fried with the sparks didn’t help one bit. I’m still using dad’s laptop, which would be fine if he had photoshop and didn’t want it back. For those who don’t know, photoshop is $600 and the software I use to edit photo’s. The guy who tried to fix my laptop and saved all my files said he put the program on my laptop for me when I got it. So, that is a major plus. But now I have to find the right laptop for the right price and since we are broke that makes life more difficult. I just want to scream. My head is killing me from all the choices and bad news. I worked all weekend and had to be up at 5:30 to get to the shoot. Both mornings when we arrived we were swarmed by mosquito’s- and when I say swarmed I’m talking 7 or 8 biting my leg at once. Then 2 hours later a swarm- about 30- of dragonflies would come through and the mosquito’s would disappear. Not cool for the bug hater. They were easy shoots, but the gaps between the teams made the day long. My crop was this weekend and I didn’t even get one layout done if that tells you how tired and bummed out I am. Ella has been a trooper and has been making me laugh when I need it. Mom was walking her down the stairs and she counted from 4 to 10 by herself. Mom about lost it! She refuses to say 1-3 because I guess she thinks those numbers mean she’s in trouble. And tonight she rewound Sound of Music at least 15 times to watch the puppet scene. I still can’t get over how she can work a vcr and dvd player. Well, I’m signing off. It’s been a long long weekend.


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