NOT my day

So I’m writing this from my dad’s laptop. Thankfully he never has used it so I could borrow it. But I’ll get to that in a minute. We woke up and played around the living room. It was very clean but Miss Ella destroyed it in 45 minutes. Mom called and said she wanted to go to lunch and I offered to drive her around to hand out fliers in mailboxes. Matt called me when we got into the car, so I didn’t realize my check engine light was on. A couple miles down the road I saw it and freaked out. But the car was driving fine, so we continued on our journey. In the middle of a neighborhood the car started to slip, so we decided I needed to take it in to be looked at. Chris called me and said I didn’t need to come into work because they were overstaffed t begin with. So that worked out. I came home and realized my ACOT crop was this weekend so I was stoked. I got my bingo card ready and started to play. Then I smelled smoke, saw sparks coming from my laptop and it shut off. I started crying. I called the place I took it last time I had issues and they were still open. So I took my laptop in and had them rush it since my calendar work that is due Sunday is on it. Then I went to pick up my car, it was a oxygen sensor and stopped by my dad’s to pick up his laptop. I’ve been too upset to scrap and won’t be scrapping much for the next 2 days because I have to be at work at 7 a.m. Well, I’m headed to bed to end this horrible day.


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