Not color blind, just stubborn

So I outsmarted her today. I’m very proud of that because it’s a hard thing to do. She had her barn book which has 4 colored buttons that make animal sounds. I told her to press the blue button and she’d press the orange then the blue. So she had her baby and I told her to show the baby the yellow button and she pressed it. Then we went through all the colors for baby and it worked. She is too hard headed. It makes me wonder what else she knows and is being stubborn about.
So we got up around 9:30 today and took a shower. I let her run around naked as I got dressed. I like to give her air time for her diaper rash, which is gone now and I’d like to keep it that way. So I walked into her room and see her holding a brown ball then realize we don’t own a brown ball… It was gross! So we threw the “ball” into the toilet and I rewashed her. She then asked for a tattoo! Not the way that works. After that we got together with Sarah and Mary Jane. Ella was so excited to see Sarah. She loves her so much. It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve seen her and I guess Ella is used to seeing her every week and missed her. We had a nice visit then E went down for a nap. She slept for 2 1/2 hours! Then we played around the house and that was pretty much our day.
Oh, last night she woke up when I went to bed and wanted to get into bed with me. So, I let her and she fell back asleep then started talking. She said, “no, no no… doggie… sit down… elephant… giraffe.” Don’t know what that was about, but it was cute. Well, hope everyone had a great day!


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