A planned day go wrong

So I guess I should just stop planning things because lately they seem to not go as planned. We got up this morning with full intentions to go to the Panther’s fan fest and mom had nightmares last night of mold growing in our basement. She found a box that had mold on it the other night was was scared all of my stuff we’ve been carrying around for 20+ years was ruined. And Steve Smith hit one of his fellow players yesterday, so he prob. wasn’t going to be training. And he’s my fav. player. So we decided to hit up some yard sales in the neighborhood then tackle the room.

Lets just say I’m really really sad at the damage. I lost 4 boxes of craft stuff (not cheap!), TONS of books and writings, 2 class year books, some dolls and stuffed animals. We have no clue where the mold is coming from. I was cleaning out one box and looking at some of my special things ruined I had to walk away and let mom do it. We went to Target to get some plastic containers to prevent it from happening again.

We went to MaryJane’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. It was packed. Ella rode a few rides but it was hard to let her run around with so many people. Mary got tons of cool gifts. Her cake was amazing! It was a princess castle that her grandmother made. Ella loved Chuck E. She was attached to Sarah the whole time. It was cute. Here are a few pics:

I was supposed to go out with Rachael to the movies and she was going to come get me because I have no gas and dad’s check hasn’t cleared. But she couldn’t make it here in time and make it to the movie. Yes, she went without me. Long story and this is Ella’s blog, so I won’t get into it. I had a killer headache anyways, so I guess it was for the best. I went through my old barbies and packed the ones that weren’t ruined away. She will have a lot of stuff to start off playing with. I’m sure when she’s old enough to know the difference of old and new, she’ll want the new stuff. But this will work in the next 6 months or so.

Well, I’m going to finish watching a movie then head to bed. I’m beat.

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