Tax free weekend

So we took advantage of the tax free weekend already. Charlotte sent us a 25% off Gap coupon this week that’s good for this weekend, so we put that to use. Ella woke up at 7 and played in her bed until 8:30. I got up and made her breakfast and we got ready for the mall. I was hoping to go to story time, but she was too fussy to make it. She got some cute fall-ish clothes. They don’t really have the official fall lines out yet, so I winged it. She just needs brown shoes to match the new outfits. I’m so bad. I can’t wait until it gets colder so she can start wearing some of them.
She fell asleep in the car on the way home and woke up when we got here. I put her in her crib while I cleaned then got her out to eat lunch. Then she went back down and slept until 4.
She threw the longest tantrum she’s ever thrown. We walked into the living room and she asked for milk and as I was getting up to go get it she fell to the floor and screamed louder than I’ve ever heard. I got her milk and she was still screaming. She put her face on the ground and was kicking and rolling around and scooting backwards. I finally got up and went to the couch and about 5 minutes later she got up and came to play. I was starting to worry something was wrong. It freaked me out!
Then dad called and said he finally had my b-day money, plus money he owed me for buying him groceries. So I can finally pay my car tax and HO dues!
We went by his house then the pet store to get Q-bert crickets and headed home. She had a decent night and got a wild hair up her butt and ran in circles- literally- for 15 minutes. She would go around in about 5 circles then start jumping then fall down from being so dizzy. If we weren’t in her room and closer to a camera, I would have taped it. Well, I’m off to bed. We have a busy busy day ahead of us!


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