silly thoughts

So it finally hit me, I want another child. Didn’t think it would happen, but it did. I was watching a movie last night, Knocked Up, and it made me realize I want another one. Don’t know what it was, but I quickly dismissed the idea and went to bed.
We got up this morning and played around until nap time. Then we ran to USA Baby to check out their rugs. I know, I obsess a lot. No luck. I let Ella walk in the store instead of putting her in the stroller and there is this big playground next to the store. She thought we were going there, so I felt guilty and took her to Gymboree for play time. It was too hot to play outside! There were 2 kids her age and 3 9 mo. old babies playing. Ella didn’t play so well with the kids her age. There was some hitting, pinching and pushing. But when it came to the babies, Ella totally blew my mind. She took them balls she was playing with and handed over saying thank you. 2 of them were crawling next to the back window and she went and sat down in between them and started talking to them pointing to their eyes and noses. She walked up to one and said, “Hey cutie!” I about lost it. She was so gentle with them, but so rough with the kids her age. I didn’t get it! But it didn’t help with the thought I had last night one bit. I know I need to get over it pretty quickly. It’s an impossible dream right now.
We came home and I cooked dinner. Morgan came over and we scrapped a bit. Pretty low key night. Well, I’m heading to bed. Hope everyone had a great day! I know… I’m nuts 🙂

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