I should have been born a millionaire

So I got a Pottery Barn Kids catalog last week and found the most perfect bedding for Ella’s room when she gets into a toddler bed. Which will be in the next couple of months. They had a rug, that in the picture looked like it would work nicely. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so we went to the mall to check it out. It seems like pictures in magazines and on the web seem better than the real thing. The bedding was really nice, but I’m not sure about the duvet cover. It might be a shade off. They said they had the rug in stock, but it took them 30 minutes to go find it in the back. I let Ella loose in the store and she had so much fun playing. She played with this iron & board and knew exactly what to do with it. She’s only seen mom iron once! Then she played with a doll house and kitchen sets. And took a baby’s diaper on and off then pushed her in her stroller. She had so much playing with all this stuff and all I wanted to do was buy it so she could go home and play. I wanted a little girl so badly because I love all the doll imagination play. And now seeing she’s at the age she’s interested in it, all I want to do is splurge! But, you have to have money to do that and we all know my status. And I wouldn’t dare do the Pottery Barn again during the day because it was PACKED! And not stroller friendly. But they are pretty pricey when it comes to that stuff, but some of it is worth it. And it’s not made in China, which I like!
Last night I got a burst of creative energy and made Ella’s butterfly canopy that I bought when I was pregnant. Then I made her a shadow box frame with an E and butterfly. I’ll take pics later! I rearranged her room today and it looks great! It just needs a rug, matching bedding and the rocking chair needs to be recovered. Then we’ll have 1 completed room! LOL
We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Saturday we met Sarah and Mary Jane at Chick Fil A and they played for 2 hours on the play thing. Ella kept up with all the big kids and after I snapped at one of them, they played well with her. Yes, I’m one of those moms. After that we ran to Target and that was our day. I went over to Rachael’s after Ella went down and played pool which was a lot of fun. Yesterday we played around the house besides going to the pet store and grocery. Ella so loves the bunnies.
Well, I’m going to clean the mess that the dogs just made out of a stuffed animal. At least it wasn’t Ella’s. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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