I was totally about to take pictures of Ella’s 18 + mo. book I’ve been working on, but as I was trying to figure out how to white balance, I hit the “clean” button and it’s been self cleaning for 20 minutes now. Who knows how much longer it’s going to take. But I’ll post later, I promise!
So I’m a bit bummed. Yesterday I was driving to the store to get some things for dinner and towards the back of my neighborhood my car starts shaking and the check engine light comes on. I pull over and let it idle for a minute and pull out the manual. I check all the little things to make sure it’s not them and the last one on the list was engine or transmission problems, go immediately to the dealer. I called mom and asked her if she could pick me up if I stalled or if she would go by the store. She said she’d go, so I went home. Synthia came over for a visit and it’s the first time I’ve seen her since March. She moved back from Denmark 2 weeks ago. I’m happy to have my girl home!
So I wake up this morning, hoping my car issues were just a dream, and nope. The light was on again and still shaking. I called mom to ask if she could follow me to the dealership. Ella went down for a nap, or I think she did. She was talking 45 minutes later so I went to get her up. As I was changing her diaper she found her belly button and I told her what it was and she kept saying it over and over. She then ventured to her private parts and I told her that’s what they were and she goes, “private paarts?” Too funny.
Mom got her at noon and we dropped my car off. They didn’t have any loaners, so mom let me have her car and I took her to work. We came home and I did some work knowing my pictures would be here tonight and I’d want to play. Ella was watching Nemo and as the turtles were swimming away she yells, “bye bye dude!” Those of you that haven’t seen Nemo, the turtles are “surfer dudes” and say dude all the time. Then we watched World Animals and she was amazed at all the animals she knew and was seeing on a movie. We haven’t watched that one yet and I’m glad we did. So we go to pick up mom and the dealer calls saying they haven’t gotten to my car yet but have a loaner. So we went to pick that up and on the way Ella is talking about the cars. She goes, “2, 5, 6 cars.” I don’t know where she’s getting the counting from, but it was funny.
So I get the loaner, which is a 2008 version of my car- drool! We went to 5 Guys for dinner and came home and E went to bed. I finished my book, well for the 18 mo. part. I may do a little more when I’m not so tired. But I think it looks great. Well, I’m off. Hopefully tomorrow I’m not going to get horrible news about my car. I’m so stressed out about it. This is the last thing I need to happen right now.


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