short one

I was thinking it might be a lazy afternoon when the Thurman’s said they couldn’t make it. But it turned into a non stop afternoon as usual. We got up at 9:30 and I made breakfast. I let Ella play as I cleaned up her mess in the living room. For being so anal, she sure can make a mess. She was so bothered yesterday at the disco by the scarves being out of the box and the shakers on the floor. She had to pick them up. But noooo, she can’t pick up her own toys. Anywho, I let her watch Baby Einstein and then part of Nemo since she hasn’t seen either in a week. I started laundry and then she went down for a nap. I was expecting the Thurman’s to show up and went upstairs to check the answering machine and they had called to say Woody was having vertigo and they couldn’t make it. It must be bad since Woody hasn’t seen E in 2 months and Judi in a month. 😦 After Ella woke up mom said lets go to the store, so we decided to go by Old Navy to check out the new fall items they got. They didn’t have the shoes or jeans I want. They said they’d get them in this week. But mom got her a cute skirt and 3 shirts. I can’t wait to put this one outfit on her. I’ll post once she tries it on. It it TOOO cute. So we’re going to go back this week for the last 2 things since they sell out pretty quickly of cool stuff. We’re making progress with this no fall wardrobe. We still need long sleeved stuff, jackets and a few pairs of pants and shoes. We got mostly 4 T’s today and yesterday. And they fit! She’s almost outgrown all of her shoes again, besides the new pair I got her a month ago.
Then we ran by Target and the grocery to pick up some odds and ends. I made dinner and we watched Sound of Music- again. I think we’ve watched that movie every night for a month. And Ella is still enthralled by it. Ok, this was supposed to be short. We have another packed week. I don’t think we have a free day until Friday. So I’ll have lots to blog about!


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