18 month- half b-day

Wow, what a fun/busy day. After breakfast we attempted a 18 mo. photo shoot. I now remember why I quit doing official monthly photo shoots. She is a pain in the rear! We tried for an hour and I couldn’t get her standing and smiling. I gave up and put her to bed for a nap. When she got up we headed to Baby Loves Disco. It was a lot of fun. There were a lot more people there this time. In September I get to be their photographer, which I’m stoked about! We hung out until 2:30 and headed to the flea market. I’m in search for a turtle and thought they might have one. But no luck. Then we went to the mall to Build A Bear to make Ella’s dinosaur. She loved it. She picked the heart, kissed it and put it in the dinosaur before it was stuffed. She then stepped on the pedal that made the stuffing go into the dino. She realized the cause and effect of it which was pretty cool to see her figure out. Then we went in search of the perfect outfit. Ella picked up a pj’s set, which I didn’t want to get, so I put it back. I found 3 cute outfits and let her pick. Of course she picked the pink gown. It has some sequins, so I went ahead and got the pj’s so she could sleep with it. We then stopped by Children’s Place to see their fall stuff. She got 4 outfits, well 3 shirts that go with one skirt and a dress. Oh, and a hat and bow. We came home and cooked dinner and then she had her cupcake. I’m so glad I made them. Her birthday she didn’t like them and it wasn’t the experience I wanted to have. She LOVED it tonight. She got so messy! But it was fun, so I didn’t mind cleaning it up. She was in such a good mood, I figured I try to take pics one more time. I got some cute ones, but not what I wanted to get. Oh well. I put her pj’s on and put the dino’s on too. Then I tried to snap a few more for her scrapbook. That was the end of our day! Hope you enjoyed the pics!


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