10 am!

Ella slept in until 10 again, in her own bed! I so needed the extra sleep after yesterday. We played around for an hour and then I decided to go get my toes done. It’s been a long while and they needed it badly! Ella was really good except for not using her manners. I’m getting a little tired of her yelling the things she wants to me. I have been refusing to give it to her unless she says please. But it’s still a fight. After that we grabbed lunch and headed to Sarah’s. Ella slept on the way and we went to a water park Sarah is a member to. It was a lot of fun. There were slides and all sorts of water sprinkler thingies. Ella went down the slides 3 times by herself and once with me. She didn’t like the twisty one by herself. She liked that she could walk into the pool and then be up to her shoulders. She had her float so she could pick up her feet and sort of swim. Then some kid pooped in the pool so we had to clear out. I don’t get how the kid pooped in the pool because they make babies wear swim diapers plus rubber swim trunks for extra precaution. So I guess it was an older one. So we stopped by the grocery to pick up dinner and came home to take a shower. Then we ate and played around until bed time. She was a riot! I don’t think there is anything better in life than hearing her laugh. Well, I’m off to bed. Another big day planned for tomorrow. I can’t believe she’s going to be 18 months.


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