I’m beat once again! Lauren got over here around 10 this morning and we hung out until Ella woke up from her nap. She was up at 7:30 this morning! I don’t get her sleeping habits.
We went to pick John up from camp and drove to the light rail. We rode the train uptown to Discovery Place, mainly to see the dinosaur exhibit. Which wasn’t too impressive since hardly any of the fossils were real. How lame! But Ella loved the dinosaurs and it was a good experience for her. They had dinosaurs that moved and Ella loved talking to them. She told them hi, no no, and they weren’t nice. Don’t know why, but ok. She was having a fit to get out of her stroller, so I let her loose. She was all over the place, which wasn’t easy since I had to pull a stroller along as I chased her. She went to the big kid toys and acted like she knew what to do. Like there was a rope that you pulled to life a weight, she tried to pull it. There were mechanical thingys that you made go around and she moved them around. She had a blast. I wish we had time to let her play in the toddler area. When Morgan and Ari get back we will have to go before they start renovations. We stayed until 4 and got back on the light rail to head home. Discovery Place is about 3 blocks from the rail, so we walked (and chased) for about 4 hours. Needless to say, I’m getting my work out this week. Ella is definitely in the active phase. She’s been really well behaved, for the most part. But no 18 month old is perfect! Oh, this is funny, Ella decided “baby” needed to go “poop poop on the potty,” this morning.It’s funny how her toys need to go potty but she doesn’t. Well, I’m off to finish browsing baby fall clothes online since E has NOTHING for the fall and then head to bed. I got emails from Old Navy and Children’s Place today and from what I’ve seen so far they have some really cute stuff! Can you believe in 4 months we will be buying Chirstmas trees??? Doesn’t seem possible. Well, we have another full day ahead of us tomorrow. Have a great one!


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