Ella had candy for the first time today. Not by my choice! I was babysitting the kids and Lauren just got back from a convenience store convention in Hilton Head. So there was A LOT of candy sitting on the table when we got back to their house. John had opened a package of gummy taco’s and left it in reach of little hands. I was looking at the new turtles Lauren brought back and looked up to see Ella stuffing her face as fast as she could with gummy taco pieces. Thankfully she didn’t get a sugar high. I was worried she’d be up all night!
I picked John up from camp this morning and we went back to his house. We were going to go to the pool, but he got on the computer. He played for an hour as I chased Ella around. Their house isn’t baby proof by any means. Lauren’s fish bowl broke last night, so I told Stephanie I’d go get her a new one. So we went to the pet store and walked around the Arboretum pond. Ella loves the pet store and all the animals you can hold. The pond has ducks and about 40 huge turtles. After we got back Lauren was home and we played for about an hour and we came home. Not a big adventurous day. But a pleasant one. Being around all the turtles made me want to get one again. Maybe that’s what I’ll put in Ella’s fish tank since I don’t have the energy to keep up the fish. I don’t ever remember them being this much of a hassle! Well, they’ve been dead since Florida. And I just haven’t bought new ones or messed with the water!


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