I don’t even know why I’m blogging I’m so tired, but we had a fun eventful day, so I had to post. Ella woke up early thankfully and went down for an early nap. We picked John up from football camp and met Sarah and Mary Jane at Chick Fil a. John had a doc appointment, so Steph picked him up from there. Which was a good thing since Mary and Ella played outside for an hour and a half. Ella loved the play thing. She was all over the place. She only fussed when a bunch of older kids were trying to play with her when she was trying to do her own thing. Such an independent child. It was too hot to keep playing, and I didn’t hear back from Steph about picking John up to go to the pool, so we went to Chuck E Cheese. The kids had so much fun running around. Ella was interested in the big kids stuff. I think it was because Mary was there. She played every car game/ride they had. I don’t know where this obsession with cars is coming from. But she’s amazed by them. We stayed there for an hour and a half and I got tired from chasing her around. I had to drop off some photo’s for a lady and it was next to Rachael’s so we stopped by for a minute. Ella was all over the place and I couldn’t take it anymore, so we left and headed to the produce stand. We got home and I cooked dinner and mom put Ella to bed so I could get some work done. Now I’m headed to bed because my eyes are too blurry to focus.


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