productive day

So today has been really busy. Ella woke up at 10! She was in the best mood. We played around in the living room in our pj’s. I was finishing up my best bets for next week and looked to see Ella putting her baby on the fireplace. Then she put her milk next to her, then the bus on the other side and eventually the tractor. She has been placing things in rows lately. Mom says that’s an early sign of anal retentiveness. Uh-oh. I’m in trouble! We ate lunch then got dressed to go out shopping. Mom needed to go to the Dollar Tree then we ran by Once Upon a Child in hopes they’d have a train set. No luck, but we did find a table and chairs that I painted tonight. It needs another coat and I’m going to do some design on it. We also found Nemo shoes and ballerina shoes for $1.50! We then headed to Michael’s to get the paint for the table and mom needed a fish bowl for a thing she’s doing at the boat show next month. Ella fell asleep in the car, so mom ran into the grocery to get some things for the week. We got home and started cleaning. I got all my bathrooms done, the kitchen and my bedroom. Mom vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets. I cooked dinner and we played for a little while afterwards then she went to bed and I got to painting! I got my monthly scrap kit and pictures this week and haven’t even touched my stuff. I did work on her 18 + month book, but that doesn’t count. So tomorrow night I’m scrapping my butt off. Well, hope everyone had a great weekend.


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