Busy busy

I’m so beat I don’t know why I’m still even up. The kids got here around 11:30 this morning and Ella was still napping. I introduced them to 80’s comedy (Police Academy 4) while she snoozed. She woke up as soon as it was over and we headed to Chick fil a. Bad idea! It was Cow Day. There were at least 30- maybe more- people dressed up as cows to get a free lunch. It was PACKED! The cow mascot was walking around and kind of freaked Ella out. She was fine if he was away, but next to her she was uneasy. After lunch we headed to Sports Connection since it was kind of cloudy. Of course as soon as we got there the sun came out. But they wanted to go, so we did. This place is high priced- but I guess kind of worth it. They have 2 bowling alleys- one for adults one for kids, laser tag, a game room and inflatables. We of course were in the inflatables. Which wore my butt out. They were much more advanced than Monkey Joe’s and Ella was all over the place. After 2 hours of that, we joined John in the game room. He won Ella a toy car, which I thought was really sweet. I called their dad to see what time he wanted them back and he said to bring them on over, so I did. We then ran to Target to grab some things since I got paid and the Thurman’s were gracious enough to send some money. (Thank you!!!) I promised Ella if she was good I’d get her a train. She was being so sweet, so we went to the toy isle and of course no trains except Thomas. Still not paying $10 for a small train! We went down every isle looking for one hidden and no luck. Ella did find a firetruck she thought she had to have. So, I got that. Which is 10 times the size of the train for the same price. Go figure! My dad called me while in Target needing me to pick up dog food, soda’s and trash bags which distracted me from getting the milk I was supposed to get. We came home for dinner and mom got home shortly after. She watched E while I went to dad’s and the grocery for milk. His house was disgusting. He hasn’t done his dishes in over a week. It was beyond my icky-ness factor or I would have cleaned! He tried to get me to go back to the store, but I was too tired and didn’t want to deal with change. I got home and Ella was playing with her firetruck. She thinks the cow belongs on the ladder. Too funny! Mom put her to bed and Morgan came over for a few to scrap before she leaves tomorrow. For a week!! And Melanie is leaving tomorrow as well! It’s going to be a lonely week. Ella and I are going to go through Ari & Mo withdrawals. Well, I’m off to bed. I’ve been working on E’s 18 month + book. It’s looking great so far!


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