We’ve had a pretty decent day. Ella slept in until almost 10. We played around this morning and then she went down for a nap. Lauren and John were supposed to be here at 12, but didn’t get here until 1:30. John went to his cousins, so it was only Lauren. Ella loved her! Ella was reading her books when Lauren got here. She read most of it to Lauren. It was her colors book with pictures on each page. She would name all the ones she knows then turn the page. She is too much. I know I keep saying that, but really she is. John (the dad) mentioned taking Lauren to the mall since it was supposed to rain, so I had to take back a pair of shorts I got last week because they had a hole. We went to South Park and they were out of the shorts, but they had them at Carolina Place. We headed over there and walked around. We went to the bookstore and Ella got a tractor book and a dinosaur book. She threw a huge tantrum when I took her away from the train set they had. I looked at the prices they had for their trains and they wanted $15 for a little train! That’s nuts. So we didn’t get one. I’ll have to look around since she’s enthralled by them. Aunt Charlotte sent Ella some 1/2 b-day money, so maybe I can get her a nice train with that. After the mall we ran to 5 Guys to meet John and then headed to Melanie’s to meet her new puppy. He is really cute. Ella is still in love with Izzy the ferret. She was laughing so hard playing with her. Well, that was our day. Hopefully tomorrow there will be no rain and we can head to the pool!


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