Gymboree drop outs

I hate to say it, but we dropped out. Well, sorta. We are doing play gym for 2 months and then deciding what to do. Since I’m paid up until December, they don’t know how/if they can refund me. So I’m waiting to hear back about that. Ella just wasn’t into it again and the teacher sucked. So I don’t feel like making myself go do something Ella isn’t enjoying. She threw another tantrum when she didn’t want to do group activity. That was my last straw.

She woke up again last night when I went to bed. I put her in bed with me after listening to her scream for 30 minutes and she went right down. We got up at 9:30, so I guess it was worth it. She goes 3 days sleeping on her own then 3 days having to be with me. Her bottom 2 eye teeth are about to cut, so I know that is what it is. I’m so glad that means the teething thing is done for a while!!!!!
After gym we came home for lunch and then played around. I took some pictures for her 18 month album I’m doing. I’m going to put all the things she can say and do with updates on pics and adventures. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to fit in, but hopefully I’ll continue to do it for a few years. She went poop in the potty again today. This is her reward for going potty:

I figured I can’t buy her a toy for every time she goes potty, so Nemo tattoo’s work. I’m looking for some organic training pants, which I’m having the toughest time finding. The ones I found were $15-$22 a diaper/ $155 for 10! I got some non-organic ones from Target and the first time she had them on they leaked all over her clothes. And that’s all I’ve found in all of Charlotte. The ones I’ve found online said no leaks. I don’t know. I’m frustrated. I really don’t want to do pull ups.

So we played around the house the rest of the afternoon. She’s amazing me with her knowledge of animals (up to 34 now!), colors and building. She’s really into blocks and cars at the moment. I cooked dinner and we played in the kitchen for a few. Ella was putting her fake hamburger in her mouth and I took it out only to see “China HDEP 2″ written on it. I about freaked out. It was part of her picnic playhouse. I went straight to the computer to write Little Tykes a nasty but tasteful letter. The box said MADE IN USA and last time I checked China isn’t in the USA. I’m more mad that they used #2 plastic which contains phthalates which have been linked to health problems, including inducing early puberty. CA has banned the plastic from all toys and so have 14 other countries. How can they make a kids fake food toy out of a hazardous plastic? Knowing a kid will put it in their mouth. I was pissed.

Well, I’m going to bed. This computer is driving me nuts! The inside power connection is loose and I keep losing power. Something else to add to the list of things to do. My dad so needs to get his check. I have bills to pay and he’s totally put me in a rut. Don’t tell someone you’ll have $ for you in a week and then over a month later still not have it. Argh! Sorry to complain, it really has been a good day! Just little things getting to me.


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