Fun in the sun

We got to go back to the pool today. I was supposed to take Stephanie’s kids to the pool but didn’t hear from her. We went to Five Guys for lunch and I finally got a hold of her. She had made other plans, but ended up changing them so I could take the kids and their cousins. Morgan, Matt and Ari met us there. So it was a great time. Ella learned how to go in circles in her float. She would spin and spin around. I wish I had my camera to take pics. It was too cute. She swam a little in her float. I bet if we go to the pool every week she’ll be swimming by the end of summer. I tried to get a YMCA membership with financial assistance, but they want mom’s records since we live together. So that’s not going to happen and I don’t have an extra $75 a month to spend on a regular membership. So hopefully we can keep going to Stephanie’s pool. Ella is such a water bug. She went under water 3 times and loved being thrown. Morgan was there to catch her of course. Ari loved the water as well. He was giggling away. We came back to the house for Ella to eat and we were going to go to Blakeney to listen to some music. Turns out it didn’t start until 7 and Ari wasn’t going to be able to last that long. Maybe another night. We played in the living room and Ella fell right to sleep. I guess the pool wore her out! So it’s been a nice day. I’m about to watch August Rush then head to bed. Hope everyone has had a great week!


One thought on “Fun in the sun

  1. I was bummed about the music too, I had no idea it started so late. Next time we’ll plan better (or I’ll leave Ari home with Matt!!) See you tomorrow!


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