bad Ella day

Today started off horribly. Ella woke up at 6:45 and I brought her to bed with me. She stayed awake, so I put her back in her bed. She cried until 8:45 and I finally got up to give her breakfast. I was exhausted and had horrible dreams that kept waking me up all night. We went downstairs and I laid on the couch as she played. I started dozing off as I heard her playing with her blocks and I guess I fell asleep for a minute. I got woken up to her dumping a cup of tea all over my shirt, pants, pillow… everywhere. I looked at the clock and I had fallen asleep for 5 minutes. She had found a cup I had left by the back door two days ago and forgotten to throw away. Wet and mad, I took her to bed and she screamed for 20 minutes then fell asleep. An hour later she woke up screaming again. I let her cry for another 20 minutes hoping she’d fall back asleep. When I went to pick her up, she threw the biggest tantrum she’s ever thrown. She threw herself backwards and her head hit my knee. She was uncontrollable. I put her in her highchair, scared if I put her on the ground she’d start banging her head. She’s been biting herself every time she gets mad, so I had to put her in a safe place. She about flipped over the high chair from protesting sitting down. I got her some lunch and she threw it on the floor. It took about 5 minutes of her sitting there to calm down. Dad called and needed me to go to the store for him and cash in some coins. He’s still broke and desperate. I felt bad for him, so even with Ella acting like a terrible 2 year old, I went for him. She showed her butt at the grocery store. But every time someone said how cute she was, she’d tell them in her most sweetest voice, “hi” or “bye bye.” This happened at least 6 times. She even conned a lady into making her a balloon. We got home and she was still in full blown brat mode. She kept demanding things and when she wouldn’t say please, I wouldn’t give in. Dinner time, she refused to eat with a spoon and threw it on the floor. Then smacked her hand in her noodles and red sauce, spraying sauce everywhere. This is going to be such a fun year.
But on a much brighter note, I met with Michelle who is my new boss with Moms Charlotte. This is going to be such a fun job! She even said when she goes on maternity leave they might have some extra work for me. I have a feeling this will lead to great things. I’m excited. I’m taking pictures on Sat. at one of their events at Monkey Joes. So that could bring in a little extra money. I’m just glad that I’ll be writing again plus taking pictures. My two great loves. Well, add scrapping to it and I’m over the world with my creative outlets. I’m beat, so I’m headed to bed. We’re going to the pool tomorrow then heading to a carnival thingy near Morgan.


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