Teething, AGAIN

So I figured out what the fuss has been about since mom came home. Ella’s teeth are finally cutting the skin. They have been about to break through since Florida and I’m surprised they haven’t come in before now. She’s been quite the fuss budget all day. We woke up, at 10:45. She woke at 7:30 again and I wasn’t having it. I didn’t want her up so she would take a late nap. We had the intentions of going to the symphony tonight. But with impending storms- on so many levels- we decided not to go. We ran errands with mom this afternoon to Lowes, CVS and the grocery. I feel like I’m always going to the grocery! Mom got her new mower, so when we got home she mowed the lawn. Apparently it’s the best one she’s ever had and is awesome. I’m glad, because I do not mow. Never have, never will. Ella refused her nap so we had a cranky teething baby to deal with tonight. I cooked dinner and made blackberry cobbler. Which was AMAZING! I’ve never made it before and we got some fresh blackberries yesterday from my favorite little produce stand. Yummy!
I’m not sure what our plans are for the week. I get to work tomorrow night!! Yea! I’m actually excited because I so need the money. Dad still hasn’t come through with bday money and I have my car tax due, cell phone bill, home owner dues past due and need an oil change. Being grown up sucks sometimes! But hopefully he’ll return my call this week and have something for me. Well, I’m rambling. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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