Rained out

So my shoot tonight got rained out. But I get to work tomorrow morning for a few and then Wed. night. And I get to go by my new boss’s house to learn how to do my new job on Thurday. So an uneventful week just turned eventful with work.

We met Morgan and Ari for lunch at Chick fil a. Then ran some errands. We were at Target and there was a security officer with a little boy behind us in line. I didn’t think anything of it until a coworker asked the officer where the boys parents were. He said the mom just dropped him off at the door. The boy couldn’t have been older than 6 or 7 and was barefoot. As we were walking out we saw a woman, who looked like she could be the boy’s mom sitting in her car parked in a handicapped spot. The boy walked barefoot, across the hot pavement to her car. The officer walked the boy and said something to the mom. I about lost it! What kind of person drops their young kid off in a busy store barefoot??? I’m totally baffled! Some people just shouldn’t have kids.
Ella took a cat nap and has been playing in the living room while I got some things done. I put her hair in braids today, so I thought I’d post some pics. She was too cute!


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