Mom’s back

Mom got home around 7 tonight. Ella was scared mom was going to take her to bed, so she freaked out when she tried to hold her. I felt bad! The dogs were really happy she’s back. And I’m really happy not to have to deal with them anymore! I woke up this morning to the alarm going off again. Even though it was a faint noise. I was still tired, but it woke Ella up too. We laid around the house most of the day. We had a huge storm pass by. The thunder shook the house. Ella kept saying, “airplane.” I guess every loud noise is a airplane. LOL She kept asking for the ocean all day. On our way to the grocery she kept saying, “ocean, back. ocean right back.” I guess the kid wants to go back to the beach! Her mommy wants to as well. As much as I love having mom back in Charlotte, I do miss her living at the beach. Just for having a place to stay. But, I wouldn’t change things for anything. Well, I’m heading to bed. We are headed to a disco tomorrow. It should be lots of fun!


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