Bar hopping baby

So Ella came home from the bar stumbling, with a tattoo and pink hair. OK, before you freak out, we went to the Baby Loves Disco party at the Cans and Canteen bar uptown. We had a blast! Ella didn’t dance as much as I thought she would, but she loved the hula hoops. Morgan and Ari met us out there. Ari was tired, so they left a little earlier than we did. This place had it all. Upstairs there was a tattoo place, hair coloring, face painting and a bunch of raffles. Then there was the disco with lights, bubbles, shakers, scarves and hula hoops. Downstairs there was a mini bar with healthy snacks, juice, a changing station, a chill out room with cool safe tested toys, yoga and vendors. We got a bunch of cool stuff. The babies got bracelets when we walked in, which we were given the number to so no one could walk out with them. So we were free to let the babies run around and explore. The place was clean and a decent bar. We will have to do it again in July. I gave my card out to 3 people, so hopefully I can get some business out of it too! We came home after it was over and went with mom to look for a lawn mower. Which we didn’t find. Then made dinner and Ella went to bed. She was a tired baby! Mom woke her up when she let the dogs out this morning, so I gave her to mom and went back to bed. She had a short nap, so she was cranky half of the day. Well, here are some pics of the disco! Hope everyone had a fun Saturday!


One thought on “Bar hopping baby

  1. This is soooo cute, i just read about it on Morgans blog . There are just too many cool things around there to do ! Hope you are enjoying your weekend ! Looks like you are ! Your little one is such a cutie pitutie !Jenn


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