It’s getting better (maybe because mom will be home in 2 days!)

So the sun is back up in the Lloyd house. I’m glad to be getting out of the funk. I tried my best to think about the good stuff, but when all the little stuff piles up it just seems like a mountain of junk falling down.
Morgan came over last night to scrap. Which was a lot of fun! I pulled out my brown table and set it up in the living room. I might keep it out a while. It’s a nice scrap area! Hopefully tomorrow night Morgan will come back over for another scrap night!
Ella was better today!!! She was in such a good mood, other than me putting her to sleep tonight. I need to hire someone to put her to sleep for me. Morgan got her to sleep in 5 minutes last night. LOL We went to Gymboree this morning. It was a small class, so it was nice. There is this little girl Caneel who kept hugging Ella the whole class. Ella hugged her back and then would call for Ari like she was making sure it was ok with him to be hugging her. Too cute! There is a little boy who has some handicap, not sure what it is and don’t want to be rude and ask, but seeing him makes me appreciate how healthy Ella is. Other than this bout of diarrhea. But his mother is inspiring how strong and happy she is. He’s 3, so he’s a bit behind. But he hangs in there with the babies. After class we made a quick trip to Target to get some household stuff and more soy milk. Ella is going through a 1/2 gallon every 2 days. Then the alarm guy was here to fix the alarm. Which only took 5 minutes! Ella took a nap while I organized some scrap stuff. Then Lisa came over to babysit while I cleaned the house. Man, that was a task! All mom has to do is steam clean when she gets home. And everything is fixed from our previous problems. Lucky for her! We had dinner at Chick Fil A which wasn’t so fun. I made a new best friend, or so she seemed to think. She was disabled and worked the floor refilling drinks. She talked to me the whole time I ate. I listened, obviously not talking because I was eating. She asked me if I would still be there at 7 (it was 5:30) and when I said no she got upset because that was when she was getting off. Talk about uncomfortable! We played around the living room tonight and then fought sleep for an hour. I got a call from about a writing position I applied for. So keep your fingers crossed that I get it!! It would be a lot of fun. I would be updating a weekly calendar for events going on in Charlotte. Then featuring 5 for the weekend. I did a trial on Monday and found tons of things going on this weekend that we might go do. There is a baby disco on Sat. It sounds fun! Well, I’m going to go finish scrapping 2 pages I’ve been working on and head to bed. I’m so glad to be back to normal!

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