The results are in!

So I finally got Ella’s test results and they all came back negative!! I’m SOO relieved. They said to keep doing what I’m doing and if she’s sick in a week to bring her back. I asked if it was contagious and she told me no. So I guess we’ll be able to go to gym tomorrow if she’s up for it. She woke up (at 10!) with an upset tummy. We’ve been taking it easy playing in the living room. We watched Little Mermaid, or as Ella called them, “airplanes.” I haven’t a clue. So far, today has been a much better day. I’m def. not as stressed out but still waiting for something to happen. Last night as I was in bed flipping through the tv guide, I see this spider spin down from his web onto my bed. I freaked out. See, I just have to keep on my toes. This has def. been an interesting keep me on my toes kind of week.


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