So this is going to be a quicky since my eyes are too blurry from this computer. I must have done something to royally piss the gods off. We’ve had a nice relaxing day. Ella’s tummy hasn’t been as bad as it has been. We played with blocks and stacked toys. Went to the grocery to get milk. Watched a movie. It was just a nice day. So I cook dinner which was mac n cheese, noodles for E, peaches and blueberries. Ella plays then goes to bed. She screamed for almost an hour and I refused to go get her. Esp. after she fell right to sleep for Judi. Finally I couldn’t take it and I went to give her her passy and I felt her diaper. It was a bad one again. The poor baby! I feel really guilty. I changed her and her diaper rash came back today and is pretty raw. As I put cream on her she told me, “not nice!” The mean mommy put her back into bed and she fell asleep right away. I went to make popcorn and carmel dip. I was washing the pot of just melted carmel when water started rising on the opposite drain. I started the disposal. More water rising. I turned it off. More water rising on both sides. What did I do?? I mean really? I don’t even want to ask what else is going to happen in the next 5 days. Morgan said mom isn’t going to be allowed to leave again and I totally agree. I plunged the water and it still hasn’t gone down. I’ll deal with it in the morning.


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